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Indian Super League to be added in FIFA 21?

(Image Credit: EA Sports)

Fifa 21 is one of the most anticipated game this year.Earlier EA dropped the gameplay trailer.

The big question from the Indian Fans of the game is that would they be able to play with Indian Super League teams this year.The fans where so curious after the Indian league was added on the mobile platform of the game. As far there is no official confirmation from EA yet on new leagues.

(Image Credit: Snow Broken Patches for Pes 2020 - YouTube)

The developers of the game had told that if adding ISL in Mobile Version become successfully they would bring the league to Console Versions. There are some videos in the internet containing visuals of Kerala Blasters Team which is a very famous club from South India who has a strong and huge fan base. But we can confirm that it is some kind of mod for the game(like patches for Pes Games).

(Image Credit: Snow Broken Patches for Pes 2020 - YouTube)

Anyway Indian Super League is now leading in the Fifplay Voting. Fifplay is a community made by FIFA Fans. It is not officialy made by EA, but still the developers will look into what the fans really need. So the chances for Indian Super League to be included in FIFA 21 is High. We will be getting official confirmation soon if the league is going to be added in FIFA 21.The Game will be releasing on October 6,2020.